Polly’s Pollen Problem

Picture Book concept for Polly’s Pollen Problem. Read the book dummy (PDF).

A fastidious ladybug named Polly experiences allergies for the first time. As each sneeze catapults her into a challenging situation, she receives mindful advice from animal friends on how to work through each problem. Polly learns through each experience, and develops a newfound resilience that is tested when her final sneeze slingshots her into a hungry spider’s web.

Written in sing-song rhyme, children (and their grown-ups!) learn how to notice, assess, and adopt different perspectives when faced with situations in which they feel stucker-than-stuck. Based on a coaching tool designed to choose our life rather than just react to it, as well as a growth mindset approach, popularized by Carol Dewek, caregivers can refer back to Polly’s various predicaments as a model for how kids can problem-solve their way through difficulties.