On Branding, Postcards, Business Cards, and Newsletters

You may have noticed that I’ve updated my branding on the site. I wanted to create a fresher, bolder, and more distinctive look – one that grabs the eye and says “Hire me!”, or as close to that as possible. 🙂

To go along with my new branding, I’ve updated my portfolio with quite a few new illustrations in a new softer, more organic style I’m developing. This style is meant to complement my regular hard ink line style. In addition, I’ve timed all this with my most recent promotional postcard mailing. Samples of the front and back below:

New promotional postcard (front)

New promotional postcard (back)

I make my postcards a little larger than the standard 4×6″, instead going with 5×7″. I feel this has a better impact, and allows for more/larger images. Plus, the cost of mailing them is the same as the smaller size, and I feel the slightly increased cost for printing is well worth the end result.

I always make sure to include my contact information on the front, and on the back I repeat my contact information, and list some of my published books.

To round out my new branding, I also redesigned my business cards. I usually get them with a glossy UV coating as they hold up better when handled, and they look nice and slick! I decided to try out some rounded corners on the cards, and I love the way they turned out. I think I may try rounded corners on my next postcard as well.

My new business cards (front and back)

Now that I have my promotional materials ready, I start preparing my promotional packages to mail to clients and contacts on my mailing list. For the most part, I simply send out my postcards, but if I’m sending to a new contact I usually send a package containing my branded cover letter, 2 or 3 tearsheets (each with my contact information), and my postcard and business card. These all then get stuffed into an 8.5×11″ flat envelope. The package looks something like this:

After sending out my promotional mailings, I wait a week or two for them to get delivered and then follow-up with an e-newsletter. I use the newsletter as a sort of friendly follow-up to the hard copy mailing, and to update my contacts on new projects, new portfolio images, and in this case I mentioned my new illustration style and my new branding.

View my latest newsletter

With all that complete, I start thinking of what I’m going to illustrate for my next postcard, and do it all again in 3-4 months time. (except for the rebranding – I think I’ll leave that for a while!).

Overall, my main goal with the rebranding was to update my look to something friendlier and fresher, while keeping everything looking consistent. I’d love to hear what you think!