“Inside Look” Puzzle Page from June ChickaDEE Magazine

In the recent June issue of ChickaDEE Magazine I had the fun task of illustrating some kitchen items for a puzzle page feature. Here are a few below – can you guess what they are?


During this project I sketched out quite a few alternate ideas that were perhaps a bit too easy to figure out. I also played with the idea of having a little boy character interacting with each scene. I would have loved to use the boy in the final piece, but it probably made things a bit too easy to guess. Here are some fun ones:

inside-look_sk-11 inside-look_sk-10 inside-look_sk-9 inside-look_sk-8 inside-look_sk-7 inside-look_sk-6 inside-look_sk-5 inside-look_sk-4 inside-look_sk-3 inside-look_sk-2 inside-look_sk-1