Designing my tear sheets

My tear sheets are one of my most important promotional pieces. These are available for download on my website, and will be part of the promotional packages I send out.

In designing these, as with my promotional postcards, I focused them on my children’s illustration work. In order to present the different strengths of my children’s illustration work, I gave each sheet a theme.

The goal of this first sheet was to showcase my strength in facial expressions and characterization, while also showing diverse ethnicities.

The second sheet was designed to highlight some of my work with action/adventure themes and situations – hopefully inspiring some art directors to see my work in exciting adventure themed children’s books!

This third sheet was designed to focus on some of my previously published children’s work with a slightly younger audience in mind.

The first two sheets use a lot of my artwork from Snowflakes, since I feel that my art on Snowflakes best represents my range and current style.

These tear sheets are available for download as a high resolution PDF file. If you would be interested in receiving some colour hard copies in the mail, please contact me (work related inquiries only, please).