A “Thank You” card

As part of my follow up after I complete large illustration assignment, I like to send a small handwritten note of appreciation. I think that small personal touches like this can go a long way to building a good relationship with clients.

Taking some characters from a comic project I am developing, I decided to use them in an illustration for my “Thank you” card. I wanted to make this illustration fun and colourful, while telling a bit of a story to make it interesting.

I kept the illustration fairly simple, and placed a white cloud shape at the bottom where I could write my short note of thanks.

I had the card printed on some bright white 10pt glossy card stock, so it would feel nice and sturdy and hold up to some handling. The cards were printed at 3.75″ x 9″ so they would fit into a regular sized letter envelope. I only had a small batch printed so I could trim them myself, giving me the option to trim them larger. This would allow me to leave more white area at the bottom in case I wanted to write a bigger note and not insert them into an envelope.

Since I left the cards fairly minimal (without my logo or contact information), I will usually send them either with one of my business cards, or with a short cover letter.